Freshly baked breads

Our selection of house made bread is baked freshly daily in our bakery. Our breads are used in all our sandwiches and can be purchased as whole loafs to enjoy at home.

Enjoy our breads with our house extra virgin olive oil by Martiniega. Extra virgin moon harvest olive oil from the Martiniega farm in the sunny Navarre region in northern Spain is of the highest quality made from freshly collected Arbequina olives. The oil is extracted from ripe olives and infused at optimum maturity, usually in mid-November. This oil is sweet and fruity with an intense aroma that is smooth on the palate. We use this olive oil in all our dishes but it’s especially delicious enjoyed simply with our freshly baked bread.

Exclusive Hotel Café Royal extra virgin olive oil is available to purchase at £15.

Rye Bread | £5.5

German style bread, sweet and very rich with flavours of cocoa

Sourdough | £4.5

French rustic bread, 24 hour slow fermented dough with organic starter, strong sour flavour

Fig & Hazelnut | £4.5

Sourdough bread

Soda Bread | £4.5

Wholemeal yeast free bread

Focaccia | £4.5

Typical Italian bread, baked with garlic, rosemary and Martiniega olive oil